What is emotional intelligence?

During the last decade haσ pointed out the importance of the factor of emotional intelligence in the attainment of personal and team goals.

In fact, most of the times a person's general intelligence by itself does not guarantee success unless it is combined with high levels of emotional intelligence.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is both a personality trait and a mental ability, which people inherit from their parents genetically and evolve-develop throughout their lifetime.

Emotional intelligence determines the degree to which a person:

  • Easily adjusts to environment,
  • Understands other people's emotions and motives,
  • Is able to control his or her own feelings,
  • May work under pressure,
  • Doesn't give up when he/she encounters difficulties,
  • May cooperate with others for the achievement of a common goal,
  • Is able to inspire and lead,
  • Is highly motivated,
  • Has the ability to prioritize his/her goals and needs,
  • Can fixate,
  • Avoid mistakes,
  • Is conscientious,
  • Is capable of resolving conflicts,
  • Is optimistic,
  • Is capable to communicate effectively and socialize,
  • Is persuasive.



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