Leadership Test - Leadership Gala Questionnaire

One of the most reliable Leadership tests in the World for the measurement of leadership skills.

What is Leadership Test - Leadership Gala Questionnaire
Verbal Skills Test

LGQ (Leadership Gala Questionnaire) is a psychometric tool for the diagnosis of leadership style within the working environment. The questionnaire is based on Goleman’s Leaderhip Model (2000, Harvard Business Review, Leadership that gets results) and it consists of 75 self report items. Each item is answered with the use of a 5point likert scale (1=totally disagree, 5 totally agree).

The Leadership Test can be used either on established leaders / managers regarding their leadership style as well as on all employees that are scheduled for promotion at a managerial level.

Leadership Test results reveal the degree in which the person is characterized by each leadership style from the Goleman Model. The leadership styles are the following:

1) Visionary leader – Leads with an enthusiastic motivational approach towards a long term goal / vision.
2) Democratic leader – Leads bearing in mind everyone’s opinion and by promoting total participation in the decision making process.
3) Coach/Mentor – Leads with the scope of a trainer – teacher and is focused in getting team members better and more independent.
4) Pacesetting leader – Leads full of ambition and determination. He or she is possessed by the desire to win and will stop at nothing in order to secure it.
5) Command leader – Leads with the use of direct orders and does not tolerate insubordination and weakness.
6) Affiliative leader – Focuses on interpersonal relationships and cares more to be accepted and to contribute to the longevity and well being of the team.

To the aforementioned styles we have added one more. Namely “Inadequate Leader” consists of behaviours and beliefs that lead to most common leadership mistakes according to the Forbes Magazine (2014) and thus should be avoided by effective leaders. High scores on that type of leadership are a sign of educational needs regarding leadership as well as for the need of maturing for potential new leaders.



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