Terms and conditions of use - literary property

The content of this webpage constitutes literary property of both Recruitment HRM and WebCore IT & Web Developments Copyright© 2005. Saving clause, it is not allowed to reproduce, transmit, distribute or store information published in this webpage, including texts, tests on either printed or digitised form, picture and sound and all other contents, without the written licence by Recruitment HRM and WebCore IT & Web Developments.

Any kind of modification to the webpage's content is strictly forbidden. Within this webpage there may be some pictures, which are literary property of someone else (than Recruitment HRM and WebCore IT & Web Developments).

The prices may change without a previous warning or notice to the members of the webpage www.itestbiz.com . There will be an immediate report and presentation of the new pricelist at the following link: http://www.itestbiz.com/payment.php.

Web Core It & Web Developments and Recruitment HRM, as creators of the website of www.itestbiz.com, offer their services under the following terms and conditions, which each visitor/user of the webpages /content/services owes to read very carefully and proceed to use of the above only if he/she fully accepts the terms and conditions of use, as well as only if his/her use of the services is governed by those terms and conditions.

For any questions, the ones interested are welcome to address to: The current and future provided services are governed by those terms and conditions of use, unless something different is strictly mentioned.

With the visitor's sole log in, it is deducted that the visitor has full knowledge of the terms and conditions of use, fully accepts them and resigns from any potential claim that may come up during his/her on the website.

The above terms and conditions of use of the specific website are governed by the Greek legislation, the European Union legislation and the relevant international terms. If any of the above terms and conditions becomes opposed to the current legislation its validity ceases to exist, without affecting the validity of any of the other terms and conditions.

WebCore It & Web Developments in agreement with Recruitment HRM may alter at all times, unilaterally and according to personal judgement the current terms and conditions of use. All visitors/users have the obligation to check the terms and conditions of use frequently to track any changes made. The mere visit or use of the website after any modification of the terms and conditions of use will be automatically treated as a full acceptance of those modifications by the visitor/user and, subsequently, of the new form of the terms and conditions of use.

CAUTION! If partly or overally you do not accept the terms and conditions of use, you are not allowed to use the site of itestbiz.com. Protection of literary property

The content and services of this website belong to the owners of this website and are admitted to visitors and users for personal use only.

It is forbidden for users to copy, reproduce, dispense, modify and sell, publish or/and spread any kind of reading of this website in any form, for any other use than exclusively for non-profit purposes and/or personal use and, as long as, the terms for the protection of literary property are not endangered or, as long as, a written licence from the owners of the website exists.

Terms of privacy

The administration and protection of personal data of the visitors/users of our webpage goes through the present terms of use and the Greek legislation and more specifically: law 2472/1997 for the protection of the individual and of personal data as it has been filled in by the president of the committee for the protection of personal data, the decree-laws 207/1998 and 79/2000 and the article 8 of law 2819/2000 and law 2774/1999 and the European laws (mandates 95/46/EK and 97/66/EK). Any change in laws concerning the protection of personal data of the visitors/users of our webpage will be put to act immediately.

This website keeps a record of personal data of its visitors/users only as contact information, for statistical reasons and in order to improve its provided services.

This website is committed to not distribute trade or leak any personal information of its users/visitors to anyone but the authorities in case of absolute pressure or necessity.

If any user/visitor does not accept these terms of privacy he/she is strictly recommended not to use the website's services.

Limited liability

The content and information included in this site must not be considered as absolutely valid and do not constitute any kind of admonition to act. This website's data can be considered as mere beliefs, attitudes, and estimations. Despite the great effort of the administrators to assure the validity of all information included in the website there is no official commitment for the accuracy of the website's content.

WebCore It & Web Developments and Recruitment HRM do not guarantee that all the pages, functions and services will be uninterruptedly provided, that no errors will occur or that these errors will be automatically corrected. WebCore It & Web Developments and Recruitment HRM have no responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies.They maintain the right to make changes or accessions at all times without previous warning. What is more, the administrators do not guarantee for the absolute safety of this website and of all the links (to other websites, servers, etc) it offers against viruses or other potential risks. All visitors/ users make use of the website(and its links) at their own risk.

Furthermore, it is recommended that the information provided in the website should be cross checked and the administrators maintain the right to forbid access to this site at any moment.

The content, quality and entirety of the content of all websites to which this website offers a link or of the advertisements, remains out of our responsibility. Therefore it is made clear to all users/visitors that full responsibility for any potential damage caused by the use of content of those other sites lies on their own administrators. Same goes for any information or service acquired through this website's links.

It should not be concluded in any way that this website fully approves the content, services of the websites to which it provides a link.

What is more, all users/visitors should be aware that through the use of this website they may be exposed to content that may be indecent, annoying, insulting, misleading, illegal, etc. This website bears no responsibility for any damage caused by the exposure to that kind of content.

Juvenile protection

This website's services are addressed to adults and persons of full legal act. The wide use of the internet has lead to the constantly increasing use by continuously younger people providing them with access to global knowledge, news and themes. Web Core It & Web Developments and Recruitment HRM recommend that parents should make sure that their children do not make use of the internet without guidance and surveillance. If, however, juveniles visit our webpage or those to which we provide links, and encounter ineligible content, this website bears absolutely no responsibility.


This website offers visitors and users the opportunity to vote for several current subjects in the form of answers to questions. Those answers are given anonymously and the results of the votes are not representative wholly or partly of the general will and do not constitute scientific knowledge. This website alone has the right to collect and process that information and all results remain its literary property, while the website's administrators retain the right to determine the terms of the voting procedure, the duration and the termination of the poll.


Web Core It & Web Developments and Recruitment HRM as owners and exclusive and beneficiaries of all rights can offer their users/visitors with oversupply of free services, information and options. In all pages advertisements are included.

This website maintains the right to show all kinds of advertisements (banner, pop up, stamp, full view, web over, text links interstitial, Advertorials, etc.).



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