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Testbiz is one of the few WebPages which offers reliable and valid psychometric evaluation.

Testbiz has been designed by psychologists and specialized web programmers in order to diagnose skills, personality traits and professional values through the use of specially standardized scientific tests.

These tests are widely used by the majority of multinational companies and little by little tend to become common practice also for locally based corporations. These tests work additionally to personal interview during personnel recruitment processes as well as during the assessment processes providing objective, reliable and valid results and helping prevent biased and wrong judgements.

At Testbiz you will find tests that measure levels of emotional intelligence, personality, self-esteem, abstractive reasoning/critical thinking, methods of decision making, professional values, job satisfaction as well as verbal and numerical skills. The selection of the concepts that are to be evaluated through the tests vary according to the priorities and characteristics of the job position.

Emotional intelligence has proved to correlate with successful sales and leadership skills, job satisfaction has been found to lead people to increased organizational commitment and also to increase work motivation, numerical skills are necessary to those who often work with numbers and amounts, such as bank clerks, etc.

Testbiz specialized collaborators can provide you with extra help in order to decide which test is most appropriate for your needs and help you turn the results of these tests to your advantage.

All tests refer to specific behaviors within an organizational context and the participant's scores are combined to the relevant scores of the general European population. All test results are confidential and itestbiz.com commits to full confidentiality following the legal context for the protection of personal data.



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