Unique tests

Choose to take one of the following tests to understand their utility, use, ease to compete and its potentials in general. We are convinced that you will be satisfied with the tests you will try out. After you have registered, as a member of testbiz, you can read the instructions, view the examples and complete all the available tests.

Why collaborate with us?

These tests are widely used by the majority of multinational companies and little by little tend to become common practice also for locally based corporations.

itestbiz.com's specialized collaborators can provide you with extra help in order to decide which test is most appropriate for your needs and help you turn the results of these tests to your advantage. All tests refer to specific behaviors within an organizational context and the participant's scores are combined to the relevant scores of the general European population. All test results are confidential and itestbiz.com commits to full confidentiality following the legal context for the protection of personal data.

With the aid of those tests the processes of both personnel recruitment and assessment are enriched in an organization and the company may overcome problems of false judgments, which often result from the Human Resources Manager's subjectivity or the use of unstandardized tests.

Additional services

Job Analysis - Job Descriptions

Our company comprised by experienced human resources executives can take on and supply your organization's needs for job analysis and job description accurately, rapidly and in a scientific and effective way.

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Development of new tests

All tests are developed by specialized psychologists, who have an important background in the business field and in Statistical analysis and follow the methodological rules of psychometrics.                                           

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At a first level, we discuss your needs as a company or businessman and set your personal recruitment goals. The procedure focuses on matching the contestant's skills, personality and previous experience with the organization's features, demands and culture.

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