Decision Making Test - Gala DM Test

One of the most reliable tests in the World for diagnosing the style of decision making in the workplace. This test is the best instrument for the measurement of a person's style of decision making, which has been designed to be used in enterprises worldwide.

What is Gala DM Test?
Decision Making Test

The test has been standardized for the population all over the world and has been proved to possess satisfactory psychometric qualities (reliability and validity).

The results of the standardization process are already under publication in an accredited international scientific magazine.

How can Gala DM test be used?

This test can be used by the Human Resources Department of all companies all over the world both in the recruitment and the assessment process, as well as to making decisions about promotions.

The test's results may add depth to the conclusions of an interview and add value and validity to the evaluations that lie upon the human resources executives' personal judgements.

Statistical information of the Decision making test - Gala DM Test

The test has been standardized using a pilot sample of 278 professionals of various professionals fields allover Greece.

The test possesses good psychometric qualities

More specifically, the internal consistency reliability (or alternatively known as the Kuder-Richardson formula) of the scale is: Cronbach a = 0, 77

Spit-half reliability: Guttman Split - half = 0, 76

Equal Length Spearman Brown = 0, 76

The Mean scores of the participants in the pilot study are as follows:

  • Subscale 1
    X= 63/100
    And the standard deviation is: SD= 13, 23
  • Subscale 2
    Logic X= 72/100
    And the standard deviation is: SD= 11
  • Subscale 3
    Risk X= 64/100
    And the standard deviation is: SD= 9
  • Subscale 4
    Speed X= 71/100
    And the standard deviation is: SD= 14
  • Subscale 5
    Hesitation/ indecision X= 35/100
    And the standard deviation is: SD= 15
At the moment further research of validity and a wider standardization research is being carried out.



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