What is decision making?

The decision making test is used to evaluate the multifaceted way of thinking, which people use, in order to analyze the data of any incident.

The criteria, which are selected each time and the way of their evaluation differs from person to person.

The decision making process has been found to correlate significantly to the final success of a plan of action as well as to the general growth or slack of a company.

The evaluation of the employees' methods of decision making should constitute an important part of the employees' recruitment and assessment processes of modern businesses.

Why should decision making processes be evaluated?

Decision making is an important aspect of our lives and defines our future course and our results in several fields. The amount of decisions we are called to make in our lives is such that most of the times we make our decisions unconsciously and mechanically.

As humans, we possess different personality, skills, self-confidence, experiences, wishes, goals, weaknesses and defaults, so it's only natural that each of us makes decisions in our own different way using our personal criteria.

A person's way of decision making is not rather influenced by the factors of sex, intelligence or age. Or at least such an influence has not been proved scientifically. The way of decision making a person follows seems to correlate more with his/her character, experiences and personal goals.

What should also be noted is the fact that decision making is more of a learned ability and a habit, than an inner trait. That is, each person shapes a way of decision making during his /her childhood, which pretty much characterizes his /her decisions for the rest of his/ her life, with certain variations of course. This statement does not imply that people make all their decisions in the exact same way throughout their lives. Decision making evolves dynamically and differentiates through constant learning and new experiences.

There are many different ways of making a decision, each of which can be considered successful or not depending each time on the goals pursued and the final outcome. However, there do not exist ways of decision making that can be characterized as absolutely correct or mistaken. So, in that sense, it is unworthy to try to change a person's way of decision making just because in our own criteria that way is mistaken. It is possible that if a certain job or a certain professional category requires determination, quick perception and rapid decision making, then, in that case, maybe a candidate, whom we know- through the test evaluation-to be indecisive or to make decisions only after careful consideration, is not suitable for these kind of tasks and will not succeed.



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