What is abstractive reasoning/critical thinking?

Companies all over the world taking into consideration, when recruiting staff, their ability of abstractive/critical thinking.

By doing that they want to make sure that the new employees will have the ability to put to practice all their theoretical training and will be able to resolve everyday problems successfully, face difficulties and stand up to everyday needs.

The evaluation of a person's ability of abstractive/critical thinking should become an essential part of both the recruitment and assessment procedures of all modern companies.

What is abstractive reasoning/critical thinking?

If a person possesses the ability of abstractive/critical thinking, that does not necessarily mean that this person possesses mathematical knowledge, has studied mathematics or that he/she can recall complex theories of algebra, equations or mathematical types, or that he or she has encyclopedic knowledge, that he/she can fluently use the language or has a high IQ level (the former or any of the above may actually be true but that cannot be concluded by the scores on this dimension) and, of course, by any chance be able to take part in the exams of MENSA (The American Organization for IQ measurement) and become a prominent member of the international society.

On the contrary, if an employee scores high on abstractive/critical thinking, that means that he/she possesses the ability (ability is something more meaningful and practical than mere knowledge) to critically process meanings, words and letters, the ability of abstractive approach of numerical symbols and also the ability to find out the connection between figures and abstract meanings. Due to talent, inborn inclination and (non systematical) polish, some people possess a more developed ability of abstractive and critical thinking, that is, a greater ability than most people to approach this kind of meanings and resolve these problems.



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