Psychometrical test Frequently asked questions

What is testbiz?

Testbiz is a web site in which people of multiple professions and specialties can complete psychological tests in order to explore their skills and their character's multiple aspects.

To whom is addressed?

Testbiz addresses both companies and private individuals. With the use of, companies may evaluate their current and future employees' qualifications in a reliable and valid way. On the other hand, private individuals by completing tests can find out valuable information about themselves, increase their self-awareness and prepare themselves for similar tests in a future attempt to be hired by a company.

As a company, how can I use one or more of my credits?

"You may see the answer here"

How long does it take to complete a test?

That depends on the test. Most of the tests do no require more than 20 minutes. The maximum duration for the completion of a test is an hour.

What kind of results will I receive after taking the tests?

Each test provides the person evaluated automatically with three kinds of results. More specifically, each person that has taken the tests receives:

a) a general report about the content of the test and an interpretation of the results in a way that is concise and easy to understand,

b) a report (one page long) of his/her scores on the tests in comparison to the maximum scores one can get, as well as, to the average scores of the general population.

c) a personal report concerning his/her traits, potentials and weaknesses. Personal reports may vary between 10 and 3000 depending on the object of the test.

Will my results be treated in full confidentiality?

Testbiz commits to full confidentiality, following the legal context for the protection of personal data, that test results will be appointed only to those legally entitled to receive them, that is, the company or private individual that paid for the use of the tests. What is more, commits that test results will not be sold to any interested third party (such as gallop poll companies, market analysis companies, etc) respecting the internationally accepted methodology and deontology rules.

What is the cost for the results per test?

After purchasing results for that price, you will receive them via email (to the email address you have given us) or you will be able to read them in a certain field within the website of, which has been specially designed to give access only to the authorized person. When it comes to use by companies or, generally, to mass use of the tests we lower the prices. For more information about the charges you may click on On line purchase - Charges information.

How can I pay in order to receive the test results?

You can pay by credit card or Paypal. For further information regarding our charging policy you can click on the charges information section.

Yes, but will it be safe to give out my credit card information?

Yes, absolutely. uses the Paypal Payment Service.
Your credit card information is not reveal to Testbiz and the payment is processed by the Paypal through their safe system.

What happens if I face technical problems while using your webpage?

Our excellent trained technicians make sure that you do not face any kind of technical problems while using our site. However, if you have difficulties using the site please contact our IT Department at:

Is it possible for a company to give all the tests together to its existing employees or its candidates for a job post?

Yes, it is possible. Please take into account that when you make mass use of the test we lower the prices. For more information about the charges you may click on On line purchase - Charges information For any other information concerning the site and its use you may contact us at:



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