Tests for Shipping Companies

At the Shipping Sector the main focus is not on what people do, but how they do it.

Shipping management can be easier and safer with the tests of Testbiz!

One of the greatest NBA coaches of all time, Pat Riley, once said “Give me a great plan and mediocre players and nothing will happen”. The reason behind this belief was that in his victorious career he had coached teams with great talent but also teams with lower talent. The systems and tactics had always been the same but the players were the ones that made the difference. The same applies in the Shipping Sector.

Experts and successful professionals in the shipping sector agree that employee and crew selection is one of the biggest factors in determining problem solving and high quality functioning.

Test for Shipping Company

But how can a shipping company ensure that it recruits the right people.

The answer can be summarized in one word “TestBiz”.

Testbiz is a revolutionary software platform that enables CEOs and HR Professionals in the shipping sector to evaluate personality and abilities and to ensure the recruitment of the best talent.

Testbiz is a worldwide psychometric tools application that specializes in the shipping sector and provides valid and reliable skills and personality assessment via digital computerized tests.

Testbiz consists of ten standardized internet based psychometric tools (Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Values, Numeric ability, Decision Making, IQ, Leadership style among others) that can be completed everywhere in the world by applicants. The tests lead to automatically computed, personalized, results in the form of graphs, indexes and explanatory reports.

The tests are easy to use, with great differentiating power and facilitate comparisons and decision making regarding employee selection.

Test for Shipping Crew, more details

Υou can find more details regarding the tests, how to use them and examples of reports and graphs.

We will be happy to answer your questions if any.

Also we would like to present the opportunity to freely sample two of our tests and see the results in your shipping company.

For more information please contact info@testbiz.gr

Many of our shipping companies clients utilize our tests as far as employee honesty, justice, fair judgement and fraud issues are concerned.

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