Evaluation of skills and traits

Testbiz is the one first webpages that provides the ability to electronically evaluate skills and traits. It includes a series of scientific tests for human resources assessment, which can be used both by private individuals or companies.

All tests included in itestbiz.com are products of psychological scientific research and constitute literary property of Recruitment.

Recruitment is a company, which acts in the field of Human Resources applications since 2003. Among its objectives are the following:

The creation and operation of this webpage is the product of a collaboration with WebCore IT & Web Developments. WebCore IT & Web Developments acts in the IT field since 2004. Among its objectives are the following:

Recruitment is responsible for the scientific operation of tests, data processing and production of results and relevant personal reports while WebCore IT & Web Developments is responsible for the technical part of the process, the proper function and the guarantee of confidentiality of results.

All tests are created by Mr. Michael Galanakis (MSc), Organizational Psychologist, Psychology PhD Candidate at Panteion University of Political & Social Sciences. Mr. Galanakis is considered to be a pioneer in psychometric instruments construction in Greece and receives funds from the Ministry of Development, General Secretariat of Technology & Research(PENED program 2003) for the development of new tests.

Our clients come from all fields of business activity, wholly EUROPE, multinational companies and companies from all around the world, which wish to ensure, through the use of tests, the objective evaluation of their current employees or future collaborators.



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