Gala Diagnostics Test

One of the most important, strongest and most valid tests for the evaluation of mental health for adults worldwide.

What is Gala Diagnostics Test?
Test Gala Diagnostics

The Gala Diagnostics Test® is one of the most important, strongest and most valid tests for the evaluation of mental health for adults worldwide. It offers reliable results in relation to the psychological condition of the subject and can provide valuable help to health professionals, human resources executives, general managers and professional counselors in a number of critical decisions.

The test evaluates 4 key factors: Depression, Stress, Anxiety, and General Psychopathology through weighted results.


Depression :
Depression is defined as a prolonged state of affliction, with or without a particular overload, which cannot be successfully treated by the individual and is associated with a series of negative symptoms such as sleep disorders, eating disorders, and low self-esteem, social exclusion and isolation, loss of interest in life, decimation, even suicidal ideation or suicide.

Stress is defined as the unpleasant state of experiencing severe negative pressure sentiments due to excessive demands from the environment combined with reduced response capacity. Stress is the scourge of our time, and although on mild levels it is an evolutionary mechanism and a factor of mobilization and productivity, when it becomes chronic and intense it is associated with a multitude of unpleasant consequences for the person and his environment. Indicatively we report stress effects on health problems, especially heart disease and strokes, decreased ability to concentrate, irritability, resignation, cancer, workplace accidents, delinquency, use of toxic substances, problems in interpersonal relationships, interpersonal conflicts and aggression, and often mistakes.

Anxiety is defined as the predisposition of some people to be impatient, rushed and in a constant state of nervousness without obvious reason. Anxiety leads to aggression and a lasting feeling of dissatisfaction and is associated with great psychopathology in the literature. When experienced to a high degree it can lead to anxiety disorders, panic attacks, confusion of identity and role, low self-confidence and problematic behavior for the individual and its environment.

Psychopathology as a general term refers to a threat to the individual's mental health as a result of external factors and pressures and internal processes. Initially it appears as a danger to the homeostasis of the individual and in its generalized and long-lasting form leads to mental deterioration, problems in interpersonal and intrapersonal adaptation and psychosomatic symptoms. It is considered as a major obstacle to general functioning and health of the individual and it is advisable to be treated systematically with the help of a specialist.

You can use the Gala Diagnostics Test® today to easily, quickly and accurately assess the psychological status of your associates and prospective new hires in order to better understand their internal psychological situation. By using the test, our clients have been able to show a more human face to their partners, to systematically care about their mental health and, most importantly, to act pro-actively in a variety of symptoms such as resignation, antisocial behavior, aggression - violence, suicide, and frequent workplace mistakes and accidents.



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