Evaluation of employee, the AIM of TestBiz

itestbiz.com aim is to become a valuable strategic ally of industries and professionals in the part of scientific evaluation of qualifications, skills and personality traits.

Especially in the past decade with the increase of the average educational level and the oversupply of candidates per professional category, the evaluation of elements such as the ones of: the contestant's emotional intelligence, personality, professional values, decision making ability, esprit de corps and motivation may guarantee success.

itestbiz.com has obtained exclusively reliable and valid psychological tests.

With the aid of those tests the processes of both personnel recruitment and assessment are enriched in an organization and the company may overcome problems of false judgments, which often result from the Human Resources Manager's subjectivity or the use of unstandardized tests.

The very existence of a website for the scientific evaluation of qualifications and skills constitutes an innovation for the European reality.

By using Testbiz, both companies and professionals will be able to use scientific tests without having to forbear the insufferable cost for acquiring literary property and also in an irreproachable, objective, manageable and effective way.



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