What are professional values?

The way in which a person responds under certain circumstances depends on his/her internal system of values and-based on the observed behaviour- provides us with the ability to describe it accordingly. That is, we can discover the person's temperament and predict his/her future behaviour accordingly.

However, we cannot claim that all people share the same values or even that they share them at the same extent. The measurement of a person's temperament and personal values is very important for his/her evaluation, as well as for the comprehension-prediction of his/her future behaviour.

The evaluation of employees' system of values should become an essential part of both the recruitment and assessment procedures of all modern companies.

What are professional values?

If we wanted to give a precise definition, we would say that "values" are a person's crystallized deeper convictions, preferences, attitudes, ideas and beliefs, which direct his/her behaviour and choices in a dynamic-and often subconscious- way.

Values are usually organized in a concrete system and tend to attract similar values to them and stave off the ones that oppose them. That is, if a person has high laziness, immorality, lies and steal in his personal values system hierarchy, then it is more probable for him/her to be irresponsible and conscienceless at the same time than generous and truthful. The way in which a person selects and internalizes certain values is manifold and is based together on heredity, family, experiences and the person's general socio-historical background. The difference between a person's values and attitudes or mere beliefs lies on the extent to which these affect his/her behaviour as well as on their degree of resistance to change. Values are rather stable and unalterable.

A person's values define at a great extent the way he/she behaves, as well as, his/her level of performance in the completion of a project. Both immediate decisions and long-term plans are, consciously and subconsciously, affected by a person's system of values. What is more, the feeling of self-containment mainly depends on the extent to which personal values are put into effect in everyday practice. The source of many personal or interpersonal problems lays on the incompatibility or conflict between values at the personal or interpersonal level.



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