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At testbiz you will find high-quality pre-employment testing solutions accessible to companies of all sizes and the best administration tool!

High-quality pre-employment testing solutions!

Admin panel evaluation tests
Automate generated results and charts.

Admin panel evaluation tests

You can see a demo of a test's template and realise how user friendly and professional our tests are.

>> See the DEMO TEST here! <<

itestbiz.com has been designed by psychologists and specialized web programmers in order to diagnose skills, personality traits and professional values through the use of specially standardized scientific tests.

The aim of itestbiz.com is to provide companies, which are recruiting staff, with a more objective and reliable description of the contestant's qualifications.

It is very common that the recruitment process followed by enterprises solely bases on the subjective evaluation of the interviewer and as a result it is based by prejudice and obsessions and it ends up with false judgments about the contestants true picture.

Testbiz provides the ability for an objective and unbiased evaluation of qualifications and skills through the use of valid and reliable tests.

These tests refer to specific behaviours in the workplace and each contestant's performance evaluation is compared to the results of the population all over the world.

All test results are confidential and itestbiz.com commits to full confidentiality following the legal context for the protection of personal data.

All tests are followed by examples and analytical instructions so as to make sure the contestant has fully understood how to complete the tests before starting to do so.

For any questions or comments on the site, tests, etc., please contact us at: info@itestbiz.com

Administration Tool Features

When you log in, with the administration tool, you will be able to easily purchase your credits in a few minutes, via pay pal or credit card (picture 1) and you will be able to administrate the available credits and create codes for your candidates (picture 2).

Admin panel evaluation tests Admin panel evaluation tests
(picture 1) (picture 2)

In addition, you will be able to see and/or print all of your available codes (picture 3).

Admin panel evaluation tests
(picture 3)

All of your candidates who would already have completed one of the tests, they will appear at the "Candidates" list with their results (picture 4). You may use the search form to find a specific canditate or a group of them (picture 5).

Admin panel evaluation tests Admin panel evaluation tests
(picture 4) (picture 5)

Also you will be able to see and print the results for each canditate (picture 6).

Admin panel evaluation tests
(picture 6)
Finally, you will be able to administrate your company's data and your company's logo.



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