Evaluation tests, On-line purchase - Charges Information

The candidate's evaluation, results processing and writing of the personal report are all included in that cost.

After you have registered and logged in, chosen the test you are interested in taking, please fill in the personal information required and proceed to take the test. In each of the tests specified instructions for the completion of the test are provided so as to ensure that those who take the test will not face any difficulties or that their performance will not be influenced by potential questions regarding the test's structure. The form with the charges information will appear, when you have completed the test.

Select the type of your credit card and make sure it has not expired. Fill in the information required by the form and click [Enter].

The bank we cooperate with will process your information and will proceed to the corresponding charge. When the bank has given approval you will receive the evaluation's results via email (to the email address you have given us) or alternatively you will be able to read them in a certain field within the website of itestbiz.com, with the use of a code that you've been provided with.

When it comes to mass allowances of the tests or to frequent use of the services of itestbiz.com, the original price of $30.00 USD per person falls off.

For companies or private individuals, who wish to use the services of itestbiz.com massively (that is, by purchasing packages of many codes) the charges are formed as follows:

$30.00 USD
$145.00 USD
$560.00 USD
$1,350.00 USD
$2,600.00 USD
$5,000.00 USD

As much for the mass uses as for the frequent ones there is no time limitation, that is, the private individual or company, who purchases the evaluations is not limited as on to when exactly or until when to use them.

For any questions or comments concerning the charges information you may contact us at: info@itestbiz.com



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