Work Value Test - GalaValues Test

This test is one of the most worldwide instruments for the measurement of professional values, which has been designed to be used in enterprises in the world.

What is GalaValues test?
Work Value Test

Two of the most valid approaches for the measurement of values are used by this test. The first approach refers to the person's inner adjustment, that is, it refers to what the person wishes, feels, expresses, believes, prefers as far as his/her personal issues are concerned and the second approach refers to the interpersonal adjustment, that is, it refers to the way a person moves, behaves, decides on his/her relationships and associations.

By using these approaches the test attempts to give a full picture of a person's values system. More specifically, the test has been designed to :

a) evaluate some important values, which concern the person's relationships with other people. These specific values are important for the person's professional and social adjustment. The 7 values that are evaluated are: need for support, social compliance, need for recognition, independence, altruism, leadership and communication.

b) evaluate specific and important values, which define the way in which people face their personal quests and everyday problems. That kind of values are: materialistic approach, high goal achievement, the need for variety of tasks, determination, order, clarity of goals, professional stability, the need for a quiet work environment, the preference of spiritual occupations and the need for physical activity.

The test consists of 80 items with 3 possible choices each. For each triad of answers, the evaluated person is called to choose to: the one that represents him/her the most and the one that represents him/her the least. The answers to each question express 3 different values phrased in such a way as to not preoccupy negatively the contestant and to not be socially unacceptable. In that way, it is assured that the person evaluated will not choose the answer, which is socially desirable, but the one that really represents what he/she believes. Thanks to the use of this method, the estimation error, which results from the conscious distortion of the person's answers according to his/her social representations of the socially desirable or the examiner's pressure, is annihilated.

The test has been standardized for the population all over the world and has been proved to possess satisfactory psychometric qualities (reliability and validity).

The results of the standardization process are already under publication in an accredited international scientific magazine.

How can Galavalues test be used?

This test can be used by the Human Resources Department of all companies all over the world both in the recruitment and the assessment process, as well as to making decisions about promotions.

The test's results may add depth to the conclusions of an interview and add value and validity to the evaluations that lie upon the human resources executives' personal judgements.

Statistical information

The standardization process is proceeding. Soon the results will be announced through our webpage.



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